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P. and V. ἔκγονος, ὁ, or ἡ.

child: P. and V. παῖς, ὁ, or ἡ, Ar. and V. τέκνον, τό (rare P.), τέκος, τό, γόνος, ὁ, V. γονή, ἡ, γέννημα, τό, γένεθλον, τό, σπέρμα, τό, σπορά, ἡ, λόχευμα, τά (Eur. Hercules Furens 252), τόκος, ὁ.

scion: Ar. and V. ἔρνος, τό, V. θάλος, τό, βλάστημα, τό, φυτόν, τό; see scion.

young (of animals): see young.

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