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Ἐς δὲ τὰ ἔσχατα νουσήματα αἱ ἔσχαται θεραπεῖαι ἐς ἀκριβείην, κράτισται -> For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.
Corpus Hippocraticum, Aphorisms 1.6.2

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verb transitive

give back: P. and V. ἀποδιδόναι.

give in return: P. and V. ἀντιδιδόναι, P. ἀνταποδιδόναι.

return a favour: P. χάριν ἀποδιδόναι, V. ἀνθυπουργῆσαι χάριν (Soph., Fragment).

return evil for evil: P. and V. ἀντιδρᾶν κακῶς.

return good for good: P. and V. εὖ παθὼν ἀντιδρᾶν; see requite.

in accounts, return as received or paid: P. ἀναφέρειν. ἐπαναφέρειν.

yield, bring in: P. φέρω, φέρειν, προσφέρειν; see yield.

verb intransitive come or go back: P. and V. ἐπανέρχεσθαι, κομίζεσθαι, P. ἀνακομίζεσθαι, V. ἐπέρχεσθαι, νεῖσθαι (Soph., Antigone 33), νίσσεσθαι (Eur., Phoenissae 1234).

turn back: P. and V. ἀναστρέφειν, ὑποστρέφειν, or pass. Ar. and P. ἐπαναστρέφειν.

return home from a distance: Ar. and V. νοστεῖν, P. and V. ἀπονοστεῖν (Eur., I t. 731; Thuc. 7, 87, but rare P.).

may I never return home: V. ἄνοστος εἴην (Eur., I.T. 751).

return frem exile: P. and V. κατέρχεσθαι.

return with others: P. συγκατέρχεσθαι (dat. or absol.).

return (to a subject): P. and V. ἐπανέρχεσθαι, ἀνέρχεσθαι.

return in safety to: P. ἀνασώζεσθαι εἰς (acc.).


giving back: P. ἀπόδοσις, ἡ.

withdrawal: P. ἀναχώρησις, ἡ.

turning back: P. and V. ἀναστροφή, ἡ.

coming home: V. νόστος, ὁ.

a safe return: V. νόστιμος σωτηρία, ἡ.

return of exiles: P. and V. κάθοδος, ἡ.

revenue: P. πρόσοδος, ἡ.

furnish a return (list) of, V.: P. ἀποφέρω, ἀποφέρειν (acc.), ἀπογράφειν (acc.).

give in returne of (money coming in, etc.): P. ἀποφαίνειν (acc.).

recompense: P. and V. ἀμοιβή, ἡ (Plato), μισθός, ὁ.

for all this you and my mother have made me this return: V. κἀντὶ τῶνδέ μοι χάριν τοιάνδε καὶ σὺ χἡ τεκοῦσ' ἠλλαξάτην (Eur., Alcibiades 660).

in return (in compounds): P. and V. ἀντι e. g.

requite in return: P. and V. ἀνταμύνεσθαι.

in return for: P. and V. ἀντί (gen.).

he shall receive violence in return for violence: V. ἔργοισι δ' ἔργα διάδοχ' ἀντιλήψεται (Eur., Andromache 743).

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