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P. ἄρκτος, ἡ.

the Great Bear: P. and V. ἄρκτος, ἡ.

verb transitive

bring forth (of animals generally): P. and V. τίκτειν, V. ἀνιέναι.

of women: P. and V. γεννᾶν, τίκτειν, V. γείνασθαι (1st aor. of γείνεσθαι) (also Xen. but rare P.), λοχεύεσθαι. ἐκλοχεύεσθαι.

be born: see under born. Of trees, etc.; P. and V. φέρω, φέρειν.

a wife to bear children: V. δάμαρ παιδοποιός, ἡ.

bear children in a place: P. and V. ἐντίκτειν (dat.).

endure: P. and V. φέρω, φέρειν, ἀνέχεσθαι, ὑπέχειν, πάσχειν, ὑφίστασθαι, P. ὑπομένειν. V. καρτερεῖν, Ar. and V. τλῆναι (2nd aor. of τλᾶν) (also Isocrates but rare P.), ἀνατλῆναι (2nd aor. of ἀνατλᾶν) (also Plato but rare P.), ἐξανέχεσθαι.

bear to the end: P. and V. διαφέρω, διαφέρειν, V. ἀντλεῖν, ἐξαντλεῖν, διαντλεῖν, ἐκκομίζειν.

help to bear: P. and V. συμφέρειν (τινί τι), V. συνεκκομίζειν (τινί τι); verb intransitive with infin.

following: P. and V. ἀνέχεσθαι (part.), Ar. and V. τλῆναι (2nd aor. of τλᾶν) (infin.), ἐξανέχεσθαι (part.); see bring oneself to.

carry: P. and V. φέρω, φέρειν, κομίζειν, V. βαστάζειν; see carry.

bear arms: P. ὁπλοφορεῖν (Xen.), σιδηροφορεῖν.

bear arms against: P. ὅπλα ἐπιφέρειν (dat.), V. δόρυ ἐπιφέρειν (dat.).

bear (grudge, good-will, etc.): P. and V. ἔχειν; see harbour.

bear in mind: P. and V. μεμνῆσθαι (perf. infin. of μιμνήσκεσθαι); see remember.

bear malice: Ar. and P. μνησικακεῖν.

bear witness: P. and V. μαρτυρεῖν; see under witness.

bear oneself, behave: P. and V. προσφέρεσθαι; see behave. verb intransitive

turn: P. and V. τρέπεσθαι.

of a road: P. and V. φέρω, φέρειν, ἄγειν.

bear along: P. and V. φέρω, φέρειν.

bear away: P. and V. ἀποφέρω, ἀποφέρειν, P. ἀποκομίζειν; see carry off.

bear down: P. and V. καθαιρεῖν.

bear down upon: Ar. and P. ἐπιτίθεσθαι (dat.): see attack.

bear forth: P. and V. ἐκφέρω, ἐκφέρειν.

bear off: see carry off.

bear out: lit., P. and V. ἐκφέρω, ἐκφέρειν, Met. (a statement, etc.), P. βεβαιοῦν.

support by evidence (a person or thing): P. and V. συμμαρτυρεῖν (dat. of person, acc. of thing).

bear round: P. and V. περιφέρειν, P. περικομίζειν.

bear up, verb transitive: see sustain.

verb intransitive: P. and V. καρτερεῖν, ἀνέχεσθαι. P. ὑπομένειν.

bear up against: see endure.

bear with: see endure.

acquiesce in: P. and V. στέργειν (acc. or dat.), P. ἀγαπᾶν (acc. or dat.), V. αἰνεῖν (acc.).

bear with a parent's natural anger: V. χαλᾶ τοκεῦσιν εἰκότως θυμουμένοις (Euripides, Hecuba 403). bring to bear P. and V. προσφέρειν, προσάγειν, P. προσκομίζειν.

bringing engines to bear, he besieged (the city): P. μηχανήματ' ἐπιστήσας ἐπολιόρκει (Dem. 254).