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Ὁ δ' ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ -> The unexamined life is not worth living
Plato, Apology of Socrates 38a

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Shape: P. and V. εἶδος, τό, ἰδέα, ἡ, μορφή, ἡ (Plat.), σχῆμα, τό, σχέσις, ἡ, τύπος, ὁ, φύσις, ἡ. V. μόρφωμα, τό. Fashion: P. and V. τρόπος, ὁ, σχῆμα, τό, σχέσις, ἡ, εἶδος, τό, ἰδέα, ἡ. Kind: P. and V. γένος, τό, εἶδος, τό, ἰδέα, ἡ. Every conceivable form of death: P. ἰδέα πᾶσα ὀλέθρου (Thuc. 7, 29). Appearance: P. and V. ὄψις, ἡ. V. πρόσοψις, ἡ. Apparition: P. and V. φάσμα, τό, εἰκών, ἡ, εἴδωλον, τό, φάντασμα, τό, V. σκιά, ἡ, ὄψις, ἡ, δόκησις, ἡ. Outward show (as opposed to reality): P. and V. σχῆμα, τό. Organisation: P. and V. κατάστασις, ἡ; see also arrangement. Form of government: P. κόσμος πολιτείας, ὁ, or τάξις πολιτείας, ἡ. Inspiration is a form of madness: P. μανία τις ὁ ἐνθουσιασμός. According to the usual forms: P. κατὰ τὰ νομιζόμενα. Seat, bench: P. and V. βάθρον, τό. v. trans. Mould, shape: P. and V. πλάσσειν, P. τυποῦν (Plat.); see also make. Arrange: P. and V. τάσσειν, συντάσσειν, κοσμεῖν, P. διατάσσειν, διακοσμεῖν. Ar. and P. διατιθέναι. Form (a plan): P. and V. μηχανᾶσθαι, τεχνᾶσθαι, συντιθέναι, τεκταίνεσθαι, βουλεύειν; see devise. Form plots (against): P. and V. ἐπιβουλεύειν (absol. or dat.). Train, instruct: P. and V. παιδεύειν; see instruct. Appoint: P. and V. καθιστάναι; see appoint. Draw up (troops, etc.): P. and V. τάσσειν, συντάσσειν, Ar. and P. παρατάσσειν. Constitute, be: P. and V. εἶναι, καθεστηκέναι (perf. act. of καθιστάναι), ὑπάρχειν. The houses of the suburb being supplied with battlements themselves formed a defence: P. αἱ οἰκίαι τοῦ προαστείου ἐπάλξεις λαμβάνουσαι αὐταὶ ὑπῆρχον ἔρυμα (Thuc. 4, 69). Form up (of troops). v. intrans.: P. and V. τάσσεσθαι, συντάσσεσθαι, Ar. and P. παρατάσσεσθαι.