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rod for measuring: P. and V. κανών, ὁ.

rule of conduct: P. and V. κανών, ὁ, ὅρος, ὁ.

law: P. and V. νόμος, ὁ, θεσμός, ὁ (rare P.).

war never proceeds by rule of thumb: P. ἥκιστα πόλεμος ἐπὶ ῥητοῖς χωρεῖ (Thuc. 1. 122).

standard: P. and V. κανών, ὁ, P. κριτήριον, τό.

as a rule: see generally.

government, power: P. and V. ἀρχή, ἡ, κράτος, τό, δυναστεία, ἡ, V. σκῆπτρον, τό, or pl., θρόνος, ὁ, or pl.

kingship: Ar. and P. βασιλεία, ἡ, P. and V. μοναρχία, ἡ (rare P.), P. and V. τυραννίς, ἡ.

v. trans.

trace, draw: use P. ἄγειν (Aristotle).

check: P. and V. κατέχειν, ἐπέχειν, Ar. and V. ἴσχειν (rare P.), V. ἐπίσχειν (rare P.).

govern: P. and V. ἄρχειν (gen. V. also dat.). κρατεῖν (gen.), κοσμεῖν, V. κρατύνειν (gen.), εὐθύνειν. ναυκληρεῖν, κραίνειν (gen.).

rule over as king: P. and V. τυραννεύειν (gen.), βασιλεύειν (gen.) (Eur., El. 12), δεσπόζειν (gen. or acc., Eur., H.F. 28) (Plat. but rare P.), V. ἀνάσσειν (gen.), κοιρανεῖν (gen.), ταγεῖν (gen.), Ar. and V. τυραννεῖν (absol.).

rule among: P. and V. ἐνδυναστεύειν (dat. on P. παρά, dat.).

administer: P. and V. οἰκεῖν, νέμειν (Thuc. 8, 70), κυβερνᾶν, Ar. and P. διοικεῖν, ταμιεύειν, μεταχειρίζεσθαι, P. διαχειρίζειν, διακυβερνᾶν (Plat.), V. νωμᾶν.

be current prevail: P. and V. κρατεῖν; see prevail.

the ruling price: P. ἡ καθεστηκυῖα τιμή.

rule out of court: P. ἀπογιγνώσκειν.

quash: Ar. and P. διαγράφειν.