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Τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει -> Everything flows and nothing stands still

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verb intransitive

P. and V. πίπτειν, καταπίπτειν (Eur., Cycl.), V. πίτνειν.

falling star: V. διοπετὴς ἀστήρ, ὁ (Eur., Frag.).

fall in ruins: P. and V. συμπίπτειν, Ar. and P. καταρρεῖν, καταρρήγνυσθαι, P. περικαταρρεῖν, V. ἐρείπεσθαι;

Met., be ruined: P. and V. σφάλλεσθαι, πίπτειν (rare P.); see under ruin.

die: P. and V. τελευτᾶν; see die.

fall in battle: V. πίπτειν.

drop, go down: P. and V. ἀνιέναι; see abate.

of price: P. ἀνίεναι, ἐπανίεναι.

the price of corn fell: P. ἐπανῆκεν ὁ σῖτος (ἐπανίεναι ὁ σῖτος (Dem. 889).

fall against: P. and V. πταίειν πρός (dat.)

fall asleep: V. εἰς ὕπνον πίπτειν, or use v. sleep.

fall at (the knees of a person): see under knee.

fall away: P. and V. ἀπορρεῖν, διαρρεῖν.

stand aloof: P. and V. ἀφίστασθαι, ἀποστατεῖν (Plat.).

fall back: P. and V. ἀναπίπτειν; of an army: see retire.

fall back on, have recourse to: P. and V. τρέπεσθαι πρός (acc.).

fall behind: P. and V. ὑστερεῖν, λείπεσθαι.

fall down: P. and V. καταπίπτειν (Eur., Cycl.), or use fall.

fall down or before: Ar. and V. προσπίπτειν (acc. or dat.) (also Xen. but rare P.), V. προσπίτνειν (acc. or dat.), see worship.

fall foul of: P. συμπίπτειν (dat. or πρός, acc.), προσπίπτειν (dat.), προσβάλλειν (πρός, acc.); see dash against. Met., P. προσκρούειν (dat. or absol.).

fall from (power, etc..): P. and V. ἐκπίπτειν (gen. or ἐκ, gen.).

fall in, subside: P. ἱζάνειν (Thuc. 2, 76).

collapse: P. and V. συμπίπτειν, πίπτειν, Ar. and P. καταρρήγνυσθαι, καταρρεῖν.

of debts: P. ἐπιγίγνεσθαι.

fall in love with: P. and V. ἐρᾶν (gen.), V. εἰς ἔρον πίπτειν (gen.); see love.

fall in with, meet: P. and V. τυγχάνειν (gen.), συντυγχάνειν (dat.; V. gen.), ἐντυγχάνειν (dat.), ἀπαντᾶν (dat.); see meet, light upon; met., accept: P. and V. δέχεσθαι, ἐνδέχεσθαι.

fall into: P. and V. εἰσπίπτειν (P. εἰς, acc.; V. acc. alone or dat. alone), πίπτειν (εἰς, acc.), ἐμπίπτειν (εἰς, acc.); met., fall into misfortune, etc..: P. and V. περιπίπτειν (dat.), εμπίπτειν (εἰς, acc.). πίπτειν εἰς (acc.), V. συμπίπτειν (dat.); of a river: see discharge itself into.

fall off: T. ἀποπίπτειν; see tumble off.

slip off: P. περιρρεῖν.

fall away: P. and V. διαρρεῖν, ἀπορρεῖν;

Met., stand aloof: P. and V. ἀφίστασθαι, ἀποστατεῖν (Plat.).

deteriorate: P. ἀποκλίνειν, ἐκπίπτειν, ἐξίστασθαι.

become less: P. μειοῦσθαι.

fall on: see fall upon.

fall out: P. and V. ἐκπίπτειν, P. ἀποπίπτειν; met., see quarrel, happen.

fall over, stumble against: P. and V. πταίειν (πρός, dat.).

fall overboard: P. and V. ἐκπίπτειν.

fall short: see under short.

fall through: P. and V. οὐ προχωρεῖν; see fail.

fall to (one's lot): P. and V. προσγίγνεσθαι (dat.), συμβαίνειν (dat.), λαγχάνειν (dat.) (Plat. but rare P.), V. ἐπιρρέπειν (absol.), P. ἐπιβάλλειν (absol.).

fall to (in eating). — Ye who hungered before, fall to on the hare: Ar. ἀλλ' ὦ πρὸ τοῦ πεινῶντες ἐμβάλλεσθε τῶν λαγῴων (Pax, 1312).

fall to pieces: Ar. and P. διαπίπτειν; see fall away, collapse.

fall to work: P. and V. ἔργου ἔχεσθαι; see address oneself to.

fall upon a weapon: Ar. and P. περιπίπτειν (dat.), V. πίπτειν περί (dat.).

fall on one's knees: Ar. and V. προσπίπτειν (also Xen. but rare P.), V. προσπίτνειν; see under knee.

attack: P. and V. προσπίπτειν (dat.). εἰσπίπτειν (πρός, acc.), ἐπέχειν (ἐπί, dat.), ἐπέρχεσθαι (dat., rarely acc.), προσβάλλειν (dat.), εἰσβάλλειν (εἰς or πρός, acc.). ἐμπίπτειν (dat.) (Xen., also Ar.), ἐπεισπίπτειν (dat. or acc.) (Xen.), V. ἐφορμᾶν (or pass.) (dat.) (rare P.), P. προσφέρεσθαι (dat.), ἐπιφέρεσθαι (dat.), Ar. and P. ἐπιτίθεσθαι (dat.), ἐπιχειρεῖν (dat.).

night fell upon the action: P. νὺξ ἐπεγένετο τῷ ἔργῳ (Thuc. 4, 25).


P. and V. πτῶμα, τό (Plat.), V. πέσημα, τό.

Met., downfall: P. and V. διαφθορά, ἡ, ὄλεθρος, ὁ; see downfall.

capture (of a town): P. and V. ἅλωσις, ἡ, P. αἵρεσις, ἡ.

in wrestling: P. and V. πάλαισμα, τό.

fall of snow. — it was winter and there was a fall of snow: P. χειμὼν ἦν καὶ ὑπένιφε (Thuc. 4, 103).

fall of rain: Ar. and P. ὑετός, ὁ, ὕδωρ, τό; see rain.

fall of the year, autumn: P. μετόπωρον, τό. φθινόπωρον, τό, Ar. and V. ὀπώρα, ἡ.