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L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelleLove that moves the sun and the other stars
Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, XXXIII, v. 145

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companion: P. and V. ἑταῖρος, ὁ, σύννομος, ὁ or ἡ, σύντροφος, ὁ or ἡ, Ar. and V. συζυγος, ὁ or ἡ.

one of the same age: Ar. and P. ἡλικιώτης, ὁ, P. and V. ἧλιξ, ὁ or ἡ, V. ὁμῆλιξ, ὁ or ἡ, συνῆλιξ, ὁ or ἡ.

one of a pair: P. and V. ἅτερος (ὁ ἕτερος).

Contemptuously, this fellow: P. and V. οὗτος, Ar. and P. οὑτοσί.

ho fellow: P. and V. οὗτος σύ or οὗτος alone.

fellow-ambassador: P. συμπρεσβευτής, ὁ.

be fellow-ambassador, v.: P. συμπρεσβεύειν.

fellow-arbitrator, substantive: P. συνδιαιτητής, ὁ.

fellow-citizen: P. and V. πολίτης, ὁ, δημότης, ὁ, V. συμπολίτης, ὁ, ἔμπολις, ὁ or ἡ.

be fellow-citizen with, v.: P. συμπολιτεύεσθαι (dat.).

fellow-commander, substantive: P. and V. συστράτηγος, ὁ.

fellow-commissioners: P. συμπρέσβεις, οἱ.

fellow-conspirators: P. οἱ συμπράσσοντες.

fellow-countryman: use fellow-citizen.

fellow-craftsman: P. ὁμότεχνος, ὁ.

fellow-exile: P. συμφυγάς, ὁ or ἡ.

fellow-farmer: Ar. συγγέωργος, ὁ.

fellow-feeling: P. and V. τὸ ταὐτὰ πάσχειν.

fellow-guard: P. συμφύλαξ, ὁ.

fellow-guardian or trustee: P. συνεπίτροπος, ὁ.

fellow-hunter or huntress: V. συγκυναγός, ὁ or ἡ.

fellow-inhabitant: P. and V. σύνοικος, ὁ or ἡ.

fellow-juryman: Ar. συνδικαστής, ὁ.

fellow-labourer: P. ὁμότεχνος, ὁ, P. and V. συνεργός, ὁ or ἡ; see also partner.

fellow-magistrate: P. συνάρχων, ὁ.

fellow-prisoner: P. συνδεσμώτης, ὁ

fellow-reveller: Ar. and V. σύγκωμος, ὁ or ἡ.

fellow-sailor: P. and V. συνναύτης, ὁ, σύμπλους, ὁ, V. συνναυβάτης, ὁ.

fellowship: P. and V. ἑταιρεία, ἡ, συνουσία, ἡ, ὁμιλία, ἡ.

partnership: P. and V. κοινωνία, ἡ.

fellowship in: P. and V. κοινωνία, ἡ (gen.).

fellow-slave P. and V. σύνδουλος, ὁ or ἡ, P. ὁμόδουλος, ὁ or ἡ.

fellow-soldier: P. συστρατιώτης, ὁ, σύσκηνος, ὁ, V. συνασπιστής, ὁ, παρασπιστής, ὁ, P. and V. λοχίτης, ὁ (Xen.).

be fellow-soldier with, v.: V. συνασπίζειν (dat.) (Euripides, Cyclops 39); see companion.

fellow-spectator, substantive: P. συνθεατής, ὁ.

fellow-traveller: P. and V. συνέμπορος, ὁ or ἡ, V. συμπράκτωρ ὁδοῦ.

fellow-traveller on board ship: P. and V. σύμπλους, ὁ, συνναύτης, ὁ, V. συνναυβάτης, ὁ.

fellow-worker: P. and V. συνεργός, ὁ or ἡ.