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Full diacritics: κράββᾰτος Medium diacritics: κράββατος Low diacritics: κράββατος Capitals: ΚΡΑΒΒΑΤΟΣ
Transliteration A: krábbatos Transliteration B: krabbatos Transliteration C: kravvatos Beta Code: kra/bbatos

English (LSJ)

ὁ, also κράβᾰτος, Sammelb.4292.9, Ev.Marc.2.4, κράβακτος, v.l. in NT (cod. Alex.), PTeb.406.19 (iii A. D.) (whence Dim. κραβάκτιον, τό, PGrenf.2.111.32 (v/vi A. D.), and Adj. κραβακτήριος, α, ον, PMasp.6 ii 46 (vi A. D.)):—also κράβακτον, τό, l.c.97 (vi A. D.), κράβαττος, Arr.Epict.1.24.14, v.l. in NT (cod. W), Gloss., cf.

   A grabattus, Virg.Mor.5:—couch, mattress, pallet, Rhinth.11, Crito Com.2; but condemned as un-Attic by Phryn.44; freq. in later Gr., ἐπὶ κλιναρίων καὶ κραββάτων Act.Ap.5.15, etc., cf. Arr.Epict.l.c., PLond.2.191.16 (ii A. D.).

Greek (Liddell-Scott)

κράββατος: ἢ κράβατος, ὁ, ἀνάκλιντρον, κλίνη, καθ’ ἃ λέγεται Μακεδον. λέξις ἀντὶ τοῦ Ἀττ. -σκίμπους, Sturz. Διάλ. Μακεδ. σ. 175· ἐν χρήσει ὅμως παρὰ Κρίτωνι καὶ Ρίνθωνι, Πολυδ. Ιϳ, 35. ἀκολούθως συχνὸν ἐν τῇ Καινῇ Διαθ. καὶ τοῖς μεταγενεστ. Λατιν. grăbātus, Μαρτιάλ. 6. 39, 4· ― ὑποκορ. κραββάτιον, τό, Ἀρρ. Ἐπίκτ. 3. 22, 74· ― κραβάτριος, ὁ, πιθαν. θαλαμηπόλος, Ἐπιγρ. Βοσπ. ἐν τῇ Συλλ. Ἐπιγρ. 2114d.

French (Bailly abrégé)

ου (ὁ) :
lit de repos ; mauvais lit, grabat, paillasse.
Étymologie: mot macéd. selon POLL.

English (Strong)

probably of foreign origin; a mattress: bed.

English (Thayer)

(L T Tr WH κράβαττος; the Sinaiticus manuscript κραβακτος (except in KC. Nov. Test. ad fid. Vat. praef., p. 81 f; Tdf. Proleg., p. 80)), κραββατου, ὁ (Latin grabatas), a pallet, camp bed (a rather mean bed, holding only one person, called by the Greeks σκίμπους, σκιμποδιον): T WH omit; Tr brackets the clause); Lob. ad Phryn., p. 62; Volkmar, Marcus u d. Synapse as above with, p. 131; (McClellan, New Testament etc., p. 106; Winer's Grammar, 25).

Greek Monolingual

κράββατος, ὁ (Α)
βλ. κράβατος.

Greek Monotonic

κράββατος: ή κράβατος, ὁ, ανάκλιντρο, κρεβάτι, Λατ. grăbātus, σε Καινή Διαθήκη (Μακεδονική λέξη).


Grammatical information: m.
Meaning: couch, mattras (Rhinth., Criton Com., Arr.).
Other forms: κράβαττος, κράβατος, also -ακτος, -ον (from `reversed writing?, Schwyzer 317 n. 1).
Compounds: Comp. κραβατο-πόδιον = ἑρμίς, leg of a bed (sch.).
Derivatives: Diminut.: κραβάτιον (Arr., -άκτιον pap. V--VIp), κρεβαττάριον (Ed. Diocl.), NGr. κρεββάτι. Adj. κραβακτήριος (pap. VIp).
Origin: LW [a loanword which is (probably) not of Pre-Greek origin] Maced.
Etymology: Unclear κραβάτριος, perh. chamberlain? (IPE 2, 297). Cf. Lat. grabātus (-attus), after Kretschmer Festschr. Bezzenberger 91 ff. Maced.-Illyr. from a word for oak, *γράβος, which is seen in γράβιον (s. v.), which Fur. 126 n. 41 calls semant. arbitrary. On anl. κ- for γ- Schwyzer ZII 6, 242. Further Kramer, Arch. f. Pap. 45 (1995) 205-216; the word would have been adopted independently by Greeks and Romans (thus Fur. ib.). Hardly to γάβαθον, Fur. 352.

Middle Liddell

a couch, bed, Lat. grabatus, NTest. [A Macedonian word.]